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For online sales of Sothys -
your customers = your income


Many brands sell directly to the salon's customers and keep the entire profit for themselves

​More and more brands are selling their products to customers online. Either directly from the supplier or through partners in cheap online stores. The salons are left with the work and cost of promoting the products while the brands keep all the profits.

Benefits for the customer


Free and simple customer app

​Sothys OSME Mobile can be downloaded easily and free of charge from the App store and Google Play. During the quick registration, the customer connects with your salon. With the app, online shopping is always just a click away.


​Opening discount and promotional offers

​The customer can join Sothy's Customer club free of charge when registering for the first time, or any time later. As a member, the customer receives newsletters and access to a wealth of campaigns and discounts.


Personal product recommendations

​Recommendations entered by the customer's therapist or the national distributor's customer advisors are immediately available in the "For You" section inside the customer's app. The customer can also change this himself.


Multi channel support

​Inside the app there is a Chat that puts the customer directly in contact with the national distributor professionals. The customer can also make contact via e-mail or phone.


Free shipping for most orders

​All orders over a set amount are sent free of charge to the customer. This also applies to orders that the customer wants wrapped as a gift with a greeting card.

With the customer in focus - also in the digital channel

The personal guidance is continued in the app.

The therapist can enter individual product recommendations into the system via their own phone. These recommendations are immediately presented to the customer in her app and the customer can thus easily buy the right products for herself.



Tines Godager



Marit Sanden



It's about respecting each other's efforts.

​With Sothys Online Sales & Marketing Engine, the partner salons receive approximately the same profit, regardless of whether product sales are over the counter or online. 


​The customer shops in the salon's own app

OSME provides the salon with a dedicated app where customers can shop for their Sothys products. The salon decides which products it wants to sell and at what price. The national distributor does the rest, including updating the product prsentations, posting promotions, running the technical side and helping the customer.


The goods are sent directly to the customer

The national distributor packages the order and sends it directly to the customer or, if the customer wishes, as a gift package to a recipient of the customer. With OSME, the salon can offer the entire national  range of Sothys products without having any inventory for it's online sales.


The salon is paid the profit

The salon receives monthly settlements for the online sales. The profit from the sale is approximately the same as if the salon had sold the goods in the salon. The national distributor takes care of the online store and online customers, while the therapist can focus on being a good skin care provider,

Benefits for the salon


A complete team

​Sothys OSME covers all the roles necessary to run an online store. Salons that run their own online store know what this entails in terms of effort and costs. More in a separate section below.


​Information and campaign administration

The national distributor informs all the salon's customers who have signed up to Sothy's Customer club about news and promotions via regular newsletters.


Dedicated app for administration

​The therapist can use a separate app to enter and manage their customers, including product recommendations. Here, the therapist can also monitor individual orders and sales in general.


​Market support

The national distributor often covers discounts and costs for giveaways in the campaigns and assists the salons in promoting the online solution to the salon's customers.


​A very affordable online store

Sothy's OSME have an affordable monthly cost + 3% of the order amount. There is no monthly fee for the first 3 months.

Meet some of the people who run OSME.

A whole team that works with your online store

A web master updates the content and manages the product portfolio, assists the salons in creating and managing the online store, as well as creating campaigns and newsletters for the customer club members. Dermatologists who are experts in Sothys' products help those customers who make contact. Orders are packed and shipped from the national distributor's warehouse, including promotional giveaways. An accountant ensures settlement of sales and payment of the salon's profit. In addition, a programmer and a server administrator work on the development and operation of the entire system.

​Sothys Paris is represented by 20,000 salons in 120 countries and is thus one of the world's largest brands in professional skin care. Sothys is only sold to and via skin care salons & spas.


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